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Italy and Italian
Czech-Italian phrasebook


Italy is a country extended in the Italian peninsula and is ranked among countries with highest number of visitors each year not only in Europe but all over the world. Italy has a lot to offer to everyone, mainly thanks to its history, many historical sights, towns abounding with magnificent buildings constructed since antiquity up to the present, thanks to its diverse breathtaking nature with Alpine massifs on the north and sandy beaches on the south. Italy is also famous with its delicious cuisine and exceptional wines of high quality, which is one more reason to visit this beautiful country and learn at least the basics of Italian language.
Buon viaggio e parliamo italiano!

Czech-Italian phrase book

Free PDF version you can immediately print and make thus a small phrase book which may be useful during your journey to Italy or during a meeting with your Italian acquaintances. It contains basic practical phrases for travellers who would feel ashamed of ordering a cup of Italian coffee in English in the centre of Verona.

How to print the Italian phrasebook?

Go to the webpage with the phrase book and print it directly according to the type of your printer. If you select double-sided pages, print it and then fold the pages (A4 page size) in order to make a small phrase book in A5 page size according to the page numbering.
If you select single-sided pages, print 3 pages with odd numbering first and then print corresponding even pages on the other side of papers. Fold the papers afterwards and make your Italian phrase book.

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Online Czech-Italian phrasebook

Ready to be useful anytime during your journey to Italy. You find in it the basic vocabulary and phrases in Italian with corresponding meaning in Czech. Phrases are sorted to greetings and polite phrases, notices and instructions, orientation in a city, time data and numbers, traveling, accommodation, restaurant, basic foodstuffs, at the doctor´s, basic questions, colours and a few funny phrases in the end.

Courses of Italian

If you want to learn Italian from the very beginning or you want to improve your communication skills, choose a course of Italian language at our language school Terralinguarum - Mgr. Dana Čepková in Prague 1, Hybernská street 22.

Online course of Italian - anywhere

It does not matter that you do not live in Prague or its surroundings. Our language school Terralinguarum online - Mgr. Dana Čepková offer to you direct online course (from beginners up to advance students) using Skype application.

Where you can make yourself understood in Italian?

In Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and in Swiss cantons Ticino and Grigioni. Italian is spoken also in some regions of Croatia (e.g. Istria) and Slovenia.

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Phrase book

flag Hello - Buon giorno flag
Hello Buon giorno  
English is spoken
Anglicky se mluví v:
Antigua, Ascension Island, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize (British Honduras), Diego Garcia (U.K. & U.S.), Dominica, Grand Caymans (U.K.), Grenada, Guam (U.S.), Guyana, Hawaii (U.S. State), India, Jamaica, Kiribati (Republic of), Micronesia, Midway Islands, Nauru, Nevis, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands (U.S.), Puerto Rico (U.S.), St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Tuvalu, United States of America, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Wake Island, West Bank, Western Samoa, Zaire.
Italian is spoken in
Italsky se mluví v:
Italy, Vatican City, Monaco , San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland  
Hello. My name is ........... .and I am coming from the Czech republic. Buon giorno. Mi chiamo ……… e sono di Repubblica Ceca.  
Do you speak Czech? (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese...) Parla ceco? (francese, inglese, tedesco, spagnolo, italiano, portoghese, svedese, norvegese, cinese, …)  
I do not understand you, I don't speak English, Portuguese, French, English, ... Mi scusi, non ho compreso italiano (non ho capito, non parlo) cinese, francese, inglese, …  
Could you repeat it please? Potrebbe ripetermelo, per favore?  
Could you speak slowly please ? Parli piú piano, per favore  
Could you please spell it for me ? Me lo puo’ dire lettera per lettera, per favore.  
I do understand you very well. Capisco bene.  
Godd morning / Good day / Good evening -- / Buon giorno! / Buona sera!  
Hello Ciao!  
Welcome! Benvenuti! ( Ben arrivato!)  
I am pleased to meet you. Molto lieto.  
I am glad to meet you. Molto lieto di conoscerla, signora / signore...!  
This is my friend. Questo é il mio amico / Questo é un amico mio  
May I introduce Mrs./ Mr. ........ to you. Ho il piacere di presentarle la signora/ al signor  
How are you? / I'm fine, thanks. Come sta? Molto bene, grazie!  
Good bye. Arrideverci /Arrivederla / Buona notte!  
Have a pleasant journey. Buon viaggio.  
yes / no sí / no  
OK / I agree (with..) Bene / Daccordo  
Of course / Certainly sicuramente / certo  
Sorry, but I do not agree (with..) Non sono daccordo / Non condivido  
Unfortunately no. disgraziatamente no  
Please Per favore  
Not at all, that's quite all right/ Certainly Prego. (Per favore.)  
Thank you. / Thank you very much. / Thanks a lot. Grazie. / Molte grazie, signore (signora)  
No, thanks No, grazie.  
That's all right/ That's O.K./ Not at all Di niente / Non c'é di che.  
I am sorry / Excuse me Scusi / Mi dispiace!  
I would like to.. Vorrei...  
Excuse me Permetta, prego.  
Your passport please. Favorisca il suo passaporto (i suoi documenti), prego.  
name / surname Nome/ Cognome  
marital status / single / married / divorced Stato civile/ celibe-nubile / sopsato-sposata / divorziato-divorziata  
place of residence residenza (domicilio) permanente  
occupation / job Professione  
nationality Nazionalitá  
signature firma  
country / state / border / island paese / stato / la frontiera/ l'isola  
label Etichetta  
Danger Pericolo  
Attention Attenzione  
Beware of dog. Attenti al cane  
Prohibition Proibito / a  
Entrance / Exit Entrata (Ingresso) / Uscita  
Emergency exit Uscita d' emergenza  
Free admission Ingresso libero  
Do not enter Vietato l´ingreso  
Pull / Push Tirare / Spingere  
Left / Right a destra / a sinistra  
Open / Close Aperto / Chiuso  
Occupied Libero / Occupato  
WC / Toilets Bagno / Toaletta  
Ladies Signore / Donne  
Gentlemen Signori / Uomini  
Telephone Telefono  
Check-out Cassa  
Police Polizia  
Information / Information office Informazioni / Ufficio informazioni  
Travel Agency Ufficio del turismo / Agenzia di viaggi  
Bank / Exchange-office (Bureau de change) / Post office Banca / Ufficio di cambio / Posta  
Museum / Treatre / Cinema Museo / Teatro / Cinema  
Smoker / Nonsmoker Fumatori / Non fumatori  
Don't smoke / Smoking forbidden / No smoke Vietato fumare  
Time Tempo / Ora  
minute / hour / day / week / month / year minuto / ora / giorno / settimana / mese / anno  
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday lunedí / martedí / mercoledí / giovedí / venerdí / sabato / domenica  
yesterday / today / tomorrow ieri / oggi / domani  
morning / forenoon / noon / afternoon / evening / night mattina / mezza mattinata / mezzogiorno / pomeriggio / sera / notte  
January/ February/ March/ April/ May/ June/ July/ August/ September/ October/ November/ December gennaio / febbraio / marzo / aprile / maggio / giugno / luglio / agosto / settembre / ottobre / novembre / dicembre  
What is the time ? Che ora é? Che ore sono ?  
Numbers Numeri  
0 Zero, 1 One, 2 Two, 3 Three, 4 Four, 5 Five, 6 Six, 7 Seven, 8 Eight, 9 Nine,10 Ten 0 zero / 1 uno, una / 2 due / 3 tre / 4 quattro / 5 cinque / 6 sei / 7 sette / 8 otto / 9 nove / 10 dieci  
11 Eleven, 12 Twelve, 13 Thirteen,14 Fourteen, 15 Fifteen, 16 Sixteen, 17 Seventeen, 18 Eighteen, 19 Nineteen 11 undici / 12 dodici / 13 tredici / 14 quattordici / 15 quindici / 16 sedici / 17 diciassette ...  
20 Twenty, 30 Thirty, 40 Forty, 50 Fifty, 60 Sixty, 70 Seventy, 80 Eighty, 90 Ninety 20 venti / 21 ventuno / 22 ventidue ...30 trenta / 40 quaranta / 50 cinquanta / 60 sessanta / 70 settanta / 80 ottanta / 90 novanta  
100 One-hundred, 200 two-hundred, …, 1000 one-thousand, 2000 two-thousand, 3000 three-thousand,… 100 cento / 101 cento uno / 102 cento due ... / 200 duecento / ... 1000 mille  
Traveling Il viaggio  
Airplane / train / bus / car / motorbike / bicycle / ship / on foot / tube (subway am.) / tramway Aereo / treno / Autobus / auto / motocicletta / bicicletta / legno / a piedi / metropolitana / tram  
Where is ..., please? Dove si trova …, per favore?  
How can I get to ......... please ? Da che parte si va a...  
How long does it take to ...... ? Che distanza c'é per andare a...  
Where is the railway station / bus station / airport ? Dove si trova la stazione (la fermata) del treno / dell'autobus / l' aeroporto, per favore?  
Ticket Office Cassa / Botteghino  
Time-table Orario dei treni  
Departure Partenze  
Arrival Arrivi  
Flight ticket Biglietto / Cupone di viaggio  
Student's discount Sconti per studenti  
Platform Binario  
Left-luggage office Consegna bagagli  
Issue-luggage office Ritiro bagagli  
Can I have a ticket (flight ticket) to .... please ? Un biglietto per... per favore  
When does the train (bus, plane) to…… depart please ? A che ora parte il treno ( il pullman - l'aereo) per ... ?  
The plane (train) is delayed. L´aereo (il treno) é in ritardo.  
When will we arrive in ... ? A che ora arriveremo a ...?  
How much is the ticket to .... . Quanto costa un biglietto per....?  
1st / 2nd class Prima / seconda classe  
Additional charge / Seat-reservation ticket il supplemento / il posto numerato  
The train service runs from / to Il treno va da / a  
Sleeper coach il vagone con le cuccette / il vagone letto  
Where is the petrol (gas) station, please ? Dov'é il distributore di benzina piú vicino?  
petrol, diesel – full tank la benzina / il diesel /Il pieno, per favore  
The car is broken. Where is the service station please ? Ho un guasto. Dove si trova un'officina meccanica, per favore?  
Taxi Taxi  
I would like to hire a car for a day (a week) Vorrei noleggiare una macchina per due giorni (una settimana)  
Town / village / street / square La cittá / la contrada / la strada / la piazza  
chapel / church / cathedral / mosque la capella / la chiesa / il duomo (la catedrale) / la moschea / il santuario  
Castle acropoli / castello  
Accommodation Alloggio  
Hotel / guest house / camp hotel / pensione / campeggio  
Hostel ostello (rifugio)  
Reception Reception  
How much is the room for 2 nights? Quanto costa una stanza per una notte / due notti?  
Do you have a single (double) room ? Avete una stanza singola (doppia) libera, per favore?  
Can I get the bill please ? Mi prepari il conto, per favore  
Accommodation with breakfast (Bed & Breakfast - B&B) Alloggio con prima colazione  
Full / half board Pensione compelta / Mezza pensione  
Where is the post office / bank / exchange-office Dov'é un ufficio postale? / banca / Ufficio di cambio valuta  
letter / postcard / parcel lettera / cartolina / il pacco  
postage stamp il francobollo / Qual'é la franchigia per la Repubblica Ceca?  
I would like to send a postcard to ... Vorrei inviare - spedire una lettera a -----  
address l'indirizzo  
Can I exchange the Czech crowns (US dollars, Euros) here ? Potrei cambiare da voi corone ceche (euro / dollari americani)  
Can I pay with the credit (debit) card ? Potrei pagare con la carta di credito?  
Internet café Internet caffé  
Can I send an email ? Potrei inviare una e-mail?  
Restaurant / pub / coffee-bar (café) Un ristorante / la trattoria / il bar / la caffetteria  
Let's have a coffee. Andiamo a prendere un caffé  
Can I have a coffee please ? Un caffé, per favore  
I am hungry. (thirsty) Ho fame (sete)  
Ho una fame da lupo. Ho sete.  
We would like to have a lunch (diner, breakfast) Vorremmo fare colazione / Vorremmo pranzare / Vorremmo cenare  
Menu Il menú  
Hors d'oeuvre / soups / main dish / supplement / desserts – sweets / ice cream L'antipasto / le zuppe / piatti caldi / i contorni / i dolci / gelato  
Mineral water / beer / wine / coffee / tea acqua minerale / birra / vino / caffé / te  
Fresh water acqua potabile  
Bon appetit! (z franc., obvykle se nepřeje) Buon appetito!  
Cheers! Alla salute - Cin cin  
Can I have the bill please ? conto!  
Store / Department store ( Megastore) Negozio / Centro commerciale  
Food alimentari  
Bakery Panificio  
Fruit / Vegetable Fruttivendolo / verdura  
Butcher's Macelleria  
Sweetshop Pasticceria  
market place mercato  
How much is it ? Quanto costa questo?  
How much is a kilogram of .... ? Quanto costa un chilo di...?  
It is too expensive. / E’ caro. / Non é caro. (É economico / a buon mercato)  
I would like to buy ... Vorrei comprare …  
discount Sconto  
food Cibo  
meat (pork - beef - poultry - lamb) Carne (di maiale - di vitello - di ave - di agnello)  
Fish pesce  
milk / cheese / butter / egg latte / formaggio / burro / uova  
bread pane / millefoglie  
apple / pear / peach / grapes / orange / banana mela /pera / pesca / uva / arancia/ banana  
potatoes / rice patate / riso  
Hospital Ospedale  
Doctor Medico  
Pharmacy (drug-store) Farmacia  
I feel ill / sick. Sono malato  
I have got a high fever. Ho una forte tosse e la febbre  
I have broken my arm / leg Mi sono rotto/ rotta il braccio / la gamba.  
I have a headache. Mi fa male la testa  
Can you take off your clothes please. Si spogli  
where dove / quando  
here / there qui, qua / lí, lá  
who / what chi / che  
which / how che / come  
how much (many) / when quanto / quando  
never / sometimes mai / hay veces que  
I / You / He (She) io / tu / lui / lei / lei  
We / You / They noi / voi / loro / loro  
I am / You are / He (She) is sono / sei / é  
We are / You are / They are siamo / siete / sono  
I have / You have / He (She) has ho / hai / ha  
We have / You have / They have abbiamo / avete / hanno  
Colour Colori  
black / white Nero -a / Bianco -a  
blue / red azzurro-a / rosso-a  
yellow / green giallo-a / verde  
I like you. Mi piaci  
I love you. Ti amo  
Dog / cat Il cane / il gatto  
Dogs bark "bark bark". Il cane abbaia bau-bau  
Cats mew "miaow, miaow". Il gatto miagola miau-miau  
tongue twister:
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
Scioglilingua italiano:
Sotto la panca la capra canta,
sotto la panca la capra crepa.  
Nursery rhyme:
Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
eating her curds and way.
Along came a spider
and sat down beside her
and scared Little Miss Muffet away.
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